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Yuneec E-Go2 Review

You may have heard of Yuneec as a Chinese company manufacturing light aircrafts and drones, but what does it have to do with electric skateboards? In 2014 the company tried to bring its technology to the ground and create an affordable personal transportation device. Thus, the E-Go Cruiser was born, the electric longboard that got the attention for its amazing range and affordable price.

Following its success, the latest member of the E-Go family is the Yuneec E-Go2, that once again delivers a quality electric skateboard at an affordable price.

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yuneec ego2

Specs & Features

  • Single 400W motor belt drive
  • 12mm, eight layered composite wood deck
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • 90 mm wheels
  • Regenerative brake feature
  • Two speed modes
  • Connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth so you can use an app to control it

Speed & Range

The top speed in the Sport mode is up to 13 mph, which might seem slow, but it is more than enough if you are a beginner.

The advertised range is 18 mph, but riding it in Sport mode realistically you can expect to go up to 15 miles on a single charge.


For someone that has experience with skateboarding this board might feel slow and sluggish, but for beginners that have never set a foot on an electric skateboard (or any kind of board) the Yuneec E-Go 2 is ideal. Even if it is set to Sport mode, and you slam on the acceleration, it won’t go flying from under you. When braking it tends to drift to the one side, due to the fact that the drive (and braking) is on single wheel. But since the E-Go 2 doesn’t go that fast in the first place, you should be able to control this, and foot braking is definitely something you should learn before you go on a ride on kind of motorized board. Don’t expect this board to stop on a dime.

There are two riding modes: Eco Mode and Sport Mode. It the Eco mode the remote control seems to lag a bit, while in Sport mode the response is instant. As for climbing hills anything above 10% hill would be a struggle and it will drain a battery.

Bushings on the front trucks are stiff, which is not noticeable on the ride because wheels and foam layer underneath the grip tape make up for it, but it doesn’t turn as well as it should. However, the deck has a kicktail, so you will be able to change direction just fine when you need to.

Because it’s a belt drive, it is very hard to push it, so you wouldn’t be able to ride it like a normal skateboard if the battery goes dead.

Battery and charging

The battery in E-Go 2 is a 29V, 7.8 Ah Li-Ion battery. The design of the battery housing is flexible to accommodate the flexibility if the deck. The battery takes a long time to charge, around 4 hours. The remote is also chargeable, you can plug it into the port on the board, so you can charge the board and the remote at the same time with the same charger.

Build quality

You can see that some thought has gone into designing and building this board. E-Go2 is not the most stylish electric board out there, but the design really sets it apart – it comes in three colors royal wave blue, hot pink and mint green.  It has a really nice bearings, which is not that common for the electric skateboards especially the cheaper ones. The deck is also very nice, strong but flexible. Overall, E-Go2 really feels more expensive than it costs. The remote is nice, except you need to turn it off and turn back on again if you want to change the riding mode.


The manufacturer offers a 6-month warranty on parts and labor for the E-Go 2, which protects the user if anything breaks within that timeframe. If you buy it on Amazon, you can add a 3-year warranty for about $60 that will cover you in case your board breaks.

Who is it for?

If you do not need much speed and range and durability are more important than this might be the board for you. This board is a perfect board for beginners and younger riders, it is durable, sturdy but not fast. The price of this board is excellent as well, but is you are look to spend even less, take look at our selection of really cheap electric skateboards.

yuneec e-go royal wave


  • It is cheap – currently you can get it for UNDER $400 on Amazon
  • Good build quality for the price
  • The range is great compared even to some more expensive boards.
  • Sturdy and safe.


  • It is slow compared to the other electric skateboards.
  • Because of the bulky satellite setup it is not good for the rough roads, despite the 90mm wheels
  • There is a number of customers complaining about horrible customer service, or that the board was broken out of the box.

Overall Score

Build quality