Swagboard NG-1 Electric Skateboard Review

For most people looking to buy an electric skateboard, budget plays an important role in making a decision. The ultimate goal of any purchase is getting more for less money, especially with more expensive items. I mean, you have probably read a lot and watched tons of videos about the amazing performance of Boosted Board and others, but you are not exactly sure you are ready to drop over $1000 on a motorized board. So you are looking to buy something more affordable. Well, it doesn’t get more affordable than SwagBoard NG-1. But is it worth it? Read on and find out.

swagboard electric longboard review

Specs & Features

  • Single hub motor
  • 24V Li-On Fe battery
  • The deck is a 7-ply Canadian maple wood, it offers just enough flex
  • 32 inches long
  • Two cutout handles for easy carrying
  • Weighs 10 lbs
  • The weight limit is 175 lbs, which makes it a perfect skateboard for teenagers. If you are heavier, your weight is probably going to affect the performance. But if you are under 200 lbs, the Swagboard will do fine.
  • The remote is small and decent; it does just what it’s supposed to. It has power switch on the side, slider control for throttle and brake, and 4 LED indicators. The remote uses micro USB to charge, but there is only one LED for battery, blinking when battery is empty, which means you are not able to see how much power is left in the remote.
    Update: Apparently there is a newer version of the remote that has an LCD display that shows battery status.

Speed & Range

The top speed is 11 mph, which may not seem fast, but once you get to that speed, you realize that is fast enough. I’m not sure if going any faster on this little board would be safe. At this top speed SwagBoard is still tons of fun to ride. The advertised range is anywhere from 4 to 10 miles, depending on rider’s weight, speed and incline, which equals 20 minutes to an hour of ride time. But since it’s got a hub motor, you would be able to push it just like a regular longboard when battery goes dead. The real range is about 5-6 miles average.


swagboard remote controlRiding Swagboard is OK, it’s pretty smooth, accelerates nicely and steering is fine too. Overall, nothing much. Going uphill is a real struggle, and it will drain your battery quickly, so it’s best if you help your board out with a kick.

This board also has a cruise control, which is a very useful feature, because it allows you to cruise around at desired speed without pushing the controls. Braking is pretty harsh, so go easy on the brakes until you get used to it. It’s better if you coast first, and then lean slightly back to avoid flying forward while braking.

Note: when the battery is empty and you coast downhill, the regenerative braking kicks in, and it’s possible that you won’t go as fast as you would like to.

Battery and charging

To charge the SwagBoard use the included DC charger. The charger has a LED indicator that lights green when battery is fully charged. There is no way to see the battery charge level though, only one LED indicator on the remote that lights blue when the board is sufficiently charged and blink when battery power is low. It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery, which sucks when you can get only 30 minutes of ride time out of it.

Build quality

When looking at the price it’s clear that SwagBoard can’t be a premium quality build. But it is pretty cool board, and you will have a lot of fun riding it. The deck is a 7-ply Canadian maple wood, it offers just enough flex and the grip tape is superb. After some time the board starts to show some signs of wear and tear, especially on the motor wheel. But it’s fast, well made and just loveable. The worst thing about this board is its name. SWAG-board! I mean, really?!

swagboard maple deck


You’ve heard a lot of stories about electric scooters, hoverboards and others catching fire. Earlier this year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for the battery pack on the second-generation Boosted Board. But you don’t have to worry about exploding battery on SwagBoard. This motorized skateboard uses a 24V Li-On Fe battery with patented SentryShield technology for extra security. The battery is UL2272 Certified, protected by sturdy aluminum housing.


SwagTron offers a one year warranty on SwagBoard and they have a great customer service as well. There are plenty of options to contact them if anything’s wrong with your board: email, phone, facebook, twitter, and they are known to respond quickly.


  • Cruise control
  • Cutout handles
  • Cheap


  • Poor range
  • Harsh brakes
  • Sucks at climbing hills
riding swagboard

Who is it for?

So, I can tell you that this is a pretty good board for the price, but is it the right choice for you? This board is perfect for teenagers, or a starter board for adults that don’t want to pay fortune for the skateboard. Overall, this is more of a toy than something you could use to actually commute or go anywhere. So if you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard to ride for fun, and you weigh under 180lbs, this is it. Otherwise look at other options.

Overall Score

Build quality

3 star rating