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Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard

First impression after seeing the Genesis Tomahawk is that it’s a total Boosted Board knock-off. However, it’s not. They might look pretty similar, but there are lots of differences. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with looking like a famous brand as long as your product is a quality one. Genesis Tomahawk is less than half of the price of Boosted Board.

genesis tomahawk electric skateboard

Specs & Features

  • Two brushless DC hub motors, combined power 520W
  • 8-ply Canadian Maplewood wheel cutout longboard-style deck
  • 36V Lithium Ion battery
  • Chargeable remote control
  • 4 LED indicators on the top of the board showing battery charge
  • 3 different wheels color options: orange, green and white
  • Water resistant
  • Ability to go in reverse

Speed & Range

This board is really fast, no doubt about it. It goes easily up to the advertised top speed of 20mph, and then some. There is apparently a secret speed mode you can unlock that allows the board to go 25mph+ But even without unlocking it is very fast.

Advertised range is 20 miles, and I can see this board going that far in the ideal conditions. In real life though you can get 12 – 13 miles out of it, but here’s the thing: once the board gets to about 50% of battery, you can definitely feel the loss of power, and you will be able to go around 13-14 mph. When the battery charge drops to 30%, you will be able to go 7 mph max, which is kinda sad. And as your battery charge drops even lower, the board will start to drag, so you’ll just want to pick it up and go on foot. It has hub motors, so you can kick off to make it go.



Riding this board is good! And you don’t have to worry about the occasional splash from puddles, since the board is water-resistant. Acceleration is awesome, so you have to make sure you push the trigger slowly, or you’ll fall on your butt. There is a reverse feature, but it takes some time to get used to it. To go in reverse you need to stop by pulling the throttle lever on the remote back to stop, that push a button and then push the throttle lever forward. The brakes are very good, and allow you to stop safely.

Hill climbing is no problem for Genesis Tomahawk. It can easily conquer 15° hills. That is when the battery is on full charge. The trucks are very tight, so you really need to loosen them up before you go on the ride, or you won’t be able to turn at all.

Battery and charging

The Genesis Tomahawk is equipped with 36V Li Ion battery, protected by aluminum housing. It takes 2 – 3 hours to fully charge. The battery is replaceable so if you have about $150 that you don’t know how to spend you could buy a spare battery to double the range.

The remote is also chargeable, it takes about 30 minutes to fully charge. It is very small, fits really nicely in your hand. Some people have reported connectivity issues in the past, but that seems to be the problem with the first batches and is now resolved.

genesis tomahawk replaceable battery

Build quality

Overall build quality is decent. The deck is 8-ply Canadian maple wood, not too flexible. And while it looks similar to the Boosted Board, when you take the closer look, the difference is obvious. The little details are those that give the price of this board away. For example the cap on the charging port doesn’t fit, it will pop up and dangle while you ride and it can be really annoying so you might end up just ripping it off. Grip tape is also bad, and it feels more like a sandpaper. Be careful and inspect your board before every ride, because bolts tend to loosen up from the ride. However, to tighten the bolts you will have to take the grip tape off, or to cut holes in it. These all little details ruin the overall impression.

One of the cool features is the battery indicator on the top of the board which allows you to see how much juice you have left, so you can regulate the speed according to how much battery power you have.

genesis electric skateboard

Warranty & Customer Service

Genesis offers 30 days money back guarantee. Experiences with customer service are very mixed. If your board breaks, you are lucky if you get the response from Genesis. Some customers even claimed that the customer service actually requires that you make a video of your problem before they will address it.


  • Top speed of over 25 mph
  • Replaceable battery
  • Water resistant
  • Reverse


  • It weighs about 17 pounds which is a bit heavy
  • Range is nowhere near advertised 20 miles
  • There are some cheaply made details that ruin the overall impression (like the grip tape and the cap on the charging port)
  • Connectivity issues were a big problem in the past, but the newer versions of the Tomahawk seem to be much better

Who is it for?

This board is intended for those that look for a cheap Boosted Board alternative. Overall it’s a great board for the price, a good deal. Would buy it? No. Honestly, I would either buy a LiftBoard Dual Motor for the same price or save up for a bit more and get Marbel 2.0

Overall Score

Build quality

3 star rating