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How to Find a board that doesn’t break the bank

I doubt anyone can be indifferent to electric skateboards. It is one of those things that you even love or hate. Except for my grandma, I guess. When I got to her house excited to show her my awesome new remote controlled board, she just shrugged and said: “What more will they think of…” But she is not easily impressed by new gadgets and technology. For the rest of the world the electric skateboard is either a perfect vehicle for short trips, commuting, having fun, or a rich kids’ stupid toy.

OK, so electric skateboards are not a necessity. But there are plenty of reasons to buy one: they are incredibly fun to ride, and they are also practical for short trips around town. They are great as a last mile solution for your daily commute, and anyone can ride one. There is also an amazing community growing around the idea of electric-powered longboarding.

high end electric skateboard
affordable electric skateboard

One of these two boards is three times more expensive than the other. Can you guess which is which?

But there is one catch: electric skateboards are anything but cheap. The high-end options like Boosted Board or Evolve can cost a couple thousand bucks, and that is a huge amount of money for an average Joe, such as myself. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you should start making plans for getting a loan yet.

So how to channel your inner Casey Neistat on a budget? Well, thanks to the quickly growing market, and the competition getting stronger, the prices are gradually starting to go down. For $1000 you can buy an awesome, high quality skateboard that you’ll love riding.

But if you are anything like me, you would never give that kind of money on a motorized board, especially if it’s your first electric skateboard. Ok, time to sort the options by price, from lowest to highest, and see what we get. This is a list of electric skateboards that cost under $300.

Here are my top 5 cheap electric skateboards:

Cheapest Electric Skateboard – Top 5

ImageProduct NameMax SpeedRangeReviews
acton blink liteActon Blink Lite10mph7 milesJump to Review
swagtron swagboard ng1SwagBoard NG-111mph6 milesJump to Review
Alouette Electric Skateboard12mph<6 milesJump to Review
blitzart mini flash electric skateboardBlitzart Mini Flash12mph7 milesJump to Review
atom h4 electric skateboard by atom longboardsAtom Electric H.49mph5 milesView reviews on Amazon
dynacraft surge electric skateboardSurge by Dynacraft6mph/Jump to Review

I try to keep this list updated regularly, to stay on top of the latest releases and current discounts, but if you know of any electric skateboard under $300 that is not included, please write in the comments below.

The Wild Card – Meepo Board

Before I get on with the reviews of the boards mentioned above, I have to mention a board that caused quite a stir in the electric skateboard community. It is the dual hub motor, Meepo Board. The man behind this board, Kieran, is an engineer, and a confirmed member of esk8 community. He designed, build, tested and refined Meepo Board almost single-handedly. With the “substance over style” approach, he wanted to build a board that was affordable but provided a great riding experience. Like an electric skateboard Holy Grail. And he come pretty close to nailing it.

Meepo board cheapThe only reason that I didn’t include Meepo Board in the table above, even though it costs under $300, is that shipping is expensive and will put it over the $300 mark. Without going into details, here is a quick overview of the features:


  • The advertised specs of this board are spot on. Top speed is indeed 22 mph and it can actually hit the 11-mile range
  • It has a smart turn-on feature – the board automatically turns on when the board is pushed
  • Can handle up to 30 degree hills easily
  • It is IP55 waterproof, meaning you can ride it to small puddles and in the light rain.
  • Also, with the latest updates, Meepo Board enhanced the regenerative braking feature by modifying the BMS, so it doesn’t cut the brakes or the power off even when you go downhill with fully charged board. This is little known, but very common issue with the regenerative braking.


  • The shipping is expensive. It costs more than one third of the price of the board itself, which is just crazy.
  • After the urethane on the driving wheels is damaged, you will have to change the motor, because there is no way to replace only the urethane.
  • When you ride on low battery the board starts beeping, and it can be pretty annoying.


If you have ever ridden a high-end electric skateboard like a Boosted Board before, you will notice a significant difference. But there is a significant difference in the price as well. The Meepo board stands out as one of very few a budget electric skateboards that actually care about safety, quality, and was born out of passion and not for profit only.

And now let’s get on with the boards that will cost you under $300, shipping and all.

Acton Blink Lite

acton blink lite

Acton Blink Lite is, just as its name suggests, incredibly lightweight – it weighs only 7.7 lbs. The length of the deck is 31”, and it has a nice, 80’s style hammerhead shape. This makes it a perfect board for city commuters, as you can easily carry it and take it with you on public transport.

The top speed is excellent 10mph. You can go up to 5 miles on a single charge, but with the help of regenerative braking that range can be extended significantly. The weight limit is 180lbs. This board is not designed for the roads that are bumpy, it’s pretty rigid and the wheels are on the smaller side, so you won’t get a comfortable ride. On flat ground though, it is a nice ride, easy to control and easy for anyone who had never ridden an electric skateboard to learn how to ride.

This electric skateboard stands out with its vibrant design. The overall build quality is great, considering the price. There are little details that really improve the look and feel. For example the remote is coated in rubbery material that is very nice on touch and doesn’t give off a cheap and plastic-y vibe like other boards, even the more expensive ones. The board also lights up thanks to the two LED strips, one on each side of the battery housing. If you are looking for a cheap electric skateboard, that still has some substance to it, than maybe you should consider this one.


  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Easy to ride
  • Quiet
  • Great starter board


  • Very stiff, not good for bumpy roads
  • Braking is a bit hard, but you can get used to it. Never slam on the brake!

SwagBoard NG-1

Swagtron Swagboard ng-1

SwagBoard is another one budget electric skateboards, by Swagtron, company that has been in the business of electric personal transportation gadgets for a while. For very little money you get many great features: top speed of 11mph, 30-55 minutes of ride time per charge, built-in cruise control and two handle holes. The deck is a 7-ply Canadian maple wood, offering just enough flex and the grip tape is also very nice. You can read a full review of SwagBoard Ng-1 here.


  • Cruise Control
  • UL2272 Certified Li Ion Battery
  • 1-year warranty


  • Slow charging
  • Not good battery life
  • More than few people reported that the board broke after just couple of rides

Alouette Electric Skateboard

alouette e-skateboard

The board is nice, it has everything you would expect from an affordable electric skateboard. It features 350W brushless hub motor inside the wheel. The deck is good, a bit thin and with lousy grip tape, but it has a kicktail that makes it more maneuverable. The weight of the board is just under 13lbs. The top speed is 10 to 12mph depending on the terrain. The board handles bumpy streets and cracks in the road pretty nicely. The range is well under advertised 6 miles, it’s about half of that.

The Alouette comes with a charger, a chargeable remote with a charger and a basic set of adjustment tools. A remote looks very cheap, but it’s functional.Overall good bang for the bucks.


  • Portable
  • Smooth ride
  • Top speed of 12mph


  • Very short range
  • Looks and feels cheap


blitzart mini electric skateboard

Blitzart Mini Flash is a small 28” electric skateboard, shaped just like a traditional skateboard with double kicktail. It weighs 11.1 lbs, and it’s powered by a single 270W hub motor.The ride is nice, it has two speed modes and the top speed in Fast mode is 12 mph. The advertised range is 15 miles, but there is no way in heck you will go that far. The real range is 7 miles tops. It can also handle 15° to 20° inclines, no problem. Another cool feature of this skateboard is that it can go in reverse.

As for the overall quality, there is not many good things to say about this board. All the plastic components feel cheap, the remote feels cheap, and apparently the truck are made out of poor quality metal. There is a video on YouTube that shows the board with the trucks completely snapped.


  • Reverse
  • The advertised 270lbs weight limit, may be overestimated, but it can take on an adult rider.
  • 6 month warranty


  • It comes with barely any instructions
  • Made with cheap parts
  • People reported connectivity issues with the remote

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

Surge by Dynacraft

This is a kids’ electric skateboard. But if you are an adult that weight under 145lbs you can ride this skateboard too. It’s on the list because it is the cheapest electric skateboard I was able to find. Everything about this board screams that it is children only – the top speed is only 6mph, it is very small and it really does look like a toy. It is controlled by the pistol grip RC controller. The battery is SLA, which makes this board weigh over 20lbs, despite its small size. Even though it is probably the cheapest of the cheap electric skateboards, I would think twice before buying it.


  • Slow
  • Heavy
  • Not made for adults

More Cons:

  • The remote is powered by a 9V battery that is not included
  • It takes forever to charge

What do all of these have in common? Well, besides being cheap, they all have one in-wheel hub motor. And as you can expect, the performance is far from impressive. Downsides of having only one motors are:

  • Not enough power
  • Not good for heavy riders
  • Awful at climbing hills

But on the other hand, the cost is three times lower than boards with two motors, so if you weigh under 150lbs, and you need a starter board, just to get into the basics of electric skateboarding, then it might be worth the compromise.

So which one would you choose from the above mentioned options? My choice would be the Acton Blink Lite, based on many positive reviews and the reputation of the company. And mostly because it looks the coolest.

If you are not happy about features that the cheapest board offer check out the selection of good quality, but affordable boards.