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Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

When you think of e-skateboarding you probably do not think off road. Well, think again. There is an entire class of electric skateboards that are more than just street carvers and pavement gliders. Off road electric skateboards are a perfect example how something that is designed for urban setting can be transformed into a thrill sport for adrenaline junkies.

On top of your off road electric skateboard you are able not only to easily ride on bumpy roads and over potholes, but you can ride it on dirt, grass, gravel, even snow and sand. If your definition of fun includes dirt trails, speed and adrenaline, electric off road skateboard is a perfect toy for you. Check out ESK8 Shop picks for the best off road electric skateboards and decide which one will take you to your next off road adventure

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboard – ESK8 Top Picks

See the reviews under the comparison table. The reviews are listed from the least to the most expensive board.

ImageProduct NameMax SpeedRangeWeightReviewsPrice
Mototec Dirt Electric Skateboard 1600W dual motorMotoTec 1600W Dual Motor20 mph10 miles71 lbs4 star rating $
Maverix border X electric skateboard 800WMaverix Border X 800W19 mph7 miles70 lbs3 point 5 star rating $
Q Dream 2000w chinese electric mountainboardQ Dream Electric Mountainboard18 mph18 miles13 lbsno rating$
e-glide gt powerboard Black Anodized AluminumE-Glide GT Powerboard23 mph15 miles72 lbs3 point 5 star rating$$
Fiik Big Daddy Off Road electric skateboardFiik Big Daddy (LiPo)22 mph12 miles51 lbs4 point 5 star rating$$
onewheel plus self balancing off road electric boardOnewheel+19 mph8 miles25 lbs4 star rating$$
bajaboard extreme electric skateboardBajaBoard31 mph22 miles13 lbs5 star rating$$$$

The off road electric skateboards look a lot like mountain boards propelled by an electric motor. The biggest difference compared to electric skateboards and longboards is that off road e-boards are equipped with pneumatic tires that give you a higher clearance and can handle dirt paths, sand, mountain trails and rocky roads. The batteries and electric motor, controlled by a remote control allow you to climb hills, accelerate over rough terrain and make ripping up a hill just as much fun as free wheeling downhill. Electric drives are a complete game changer for mountainboarding. E-mountain boarding is the perfect activity for athletes who love extreme sports, skaters who are always in pursue of new adventures, anyone who enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and loves the outdoors.

Maverix Border X 800W

Maverix border x 800w electric skateboard off road

First thing you notice about this skateboard are its oversized 10 inch tires, but those tires are what allows this board to grasp any terrain: dirt, grass, gravel. It looks like a monster truck among the electric skateboards. Front and rear mounted LED lights make you more visible on the night rides.

The 800W single motor is powered by 3 x 12V lead-acid batteries and it can reach the top speed of 18 mph. Wireless remote has a 3 speed modes to choose from: beginner, intermediate and expert, which means there is no variable speed control. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because constant cruise-controlled speed will let you concentrate on navigating the bumpy terrain. When you need to come to a stop, simply push the controller’s trigger out and it will engage the ABS brakes—no foot braking necessary. No regenerative braking either though. The advertised range is 7-9 miles, but unless you weigh 160 pounds and you ride it mostly on flat surfaces, it won’t take you nearly as far. Also, the huge wheels and SLA batteries make this board very heavy, it weighs around 72 pounds, so it’s not like you can pick it up and carry when the batteries go dead. The battery takes a very long time to fully charge, around 5 hours. But, let’s be realistic, SLA batteries are what makes this board the cheapest of off-road e-boards shown here.

Update: For $750 you can order a Lithium Ion battery upgrade pack, which will reduce the weight of Border X to 48 lbs, and improve its charging time and range.

To sum it up: this is an awesome big boy’s toy. You can’t expect to get very far on this thing, but if you are looking for off-road weekend adventure, this board is a pretty sweet deal.


  • Very sturdy and stable
  • One of the most affordable off road electric skateboards.


  • Short range
  • Takes forever to charge
  • Single motor
  • Very heavy

Mototec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

Mototec dirt electric skateboard dual motors 1600w

This all-road skateboard is among my personal favorites. It has dual motors, with combined power of 1600W, remote with variable throttle for smooth speed control. You can actually feel all that power when taking off. The top speed is between 18-22 mph, depending on your weight ant the terrain. The range is around 7 miles (don’t expect the advertised 10 mile range), but it takes almost 5 hours to fully charge. Big 10 inch wheels give you more ground clearance for taking on a more extreme terrain.

It comes with 36V SLA battery, which kinda sucks, but is not a deal-breaker, since it is the reason why the board is so affordable, and the weight is really not that important for the recreative off road ride. If you have some extra money you can upgrade it with Li Ion batteries to improve the range and reduce the charging time, but the Lithium battery pack may end up costing as much as the skateboard itself

Overall, Mototec 1600W skateboard is really powerful, and such a thrill to ride. The ride on the pavement is not very smooth because of the large thread tires, but if you take it off road it will show you a good time. Getting this board out on the beach at low tide is crazy fun as you can power carve it up and down the sand.


  • Dual motors, really powerful
  • Big wheels, better grip on rough terrain
  • Fun!


  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Heavy

If you have had some experience with this board, you can comment below and tell us what you think of it.

Q Dream 25 mph 2000w electric mountainboard

q dream chinese electric mountain board 2000w

A Chinese board from an unknown brand can be hit or miss. I have not had any experience, and there are not many reviews to rely on. Overall, this looks like a solid off road electric skateboard: two custom brushless motors with the combined power of 2000W, top speed up to 25mph and it weighs only 28 lbs. The advertised range is whooping 18 miles, but that’s probably for riding on flat ground.

It look just like a mountainboard, even has the bindings to secure you to the board and the pneumatic tires. It can climb 30 degree hills, but that will probably drain your battery. Maneuverability seems to be a big plus for this board, since it has brakes and reverse and the board seems pretty close to the gound, which means lower center of gravity and more stability and control.

The biggest argument against purchasing this board is the (lack of) support/customer service compared to the proven brands. I’m not saying that is the case with this board. But you may end up getting great product for the half of the price.


  • Specs are pretty solid.
  • The price is great for the performance you get.


  • I only know what I’ve read online about this board.

E-Glide GT Powerboard

e glide gt powerboard

EGlide GT is a solid, high quality off road skateboard, made by Santa Monica company that has been in skateboard building business for over 10 years. They really know their way around the boards and their products are there to prove it.

This powerboard can ride on any surface: it can go on the road, it can go on dirt, snow, so it’s very versatile and it is an excellent choice if the roads where you live are rugged. The 9-inch Kenda wheels with pneumatic tires have great grip and provide smooth ride on rough terrain. Aluminum deck is very durable and can handle wear and tear of off road riding. Torsion trucks allow for customizable tuning, which lets you make them as stiff or as flexible as you want, without weakening their shock absorbing properties.

The 36V motor, which peaks at 1500W, will propel you to the maximum speed of 23 mph. The stock version comes with the SLA battery that provides a 15 miles range, but also makes this board one of the heaviest available with the weight of 72 pounds. You can upgrade with the high quality H2A Lithium battery that will increase your range to 22 miles, and reduce weight by 22 pounds, but it will cost you more.

What makes this skateboard different is its cabled remote, as opposed to the wireless one that the other brands are using. This means direct connection of the board and the controller and no connectivity issues whatsoever. The GT is very well made, and it is easy to ride even for someone that has never stepped on a skateboard in his life.

As for the customer support, nothing but praises for Dave Lohrli and his eGlide crew. You can contact them at all times if you have a problem or need any assistance. They send all the spare the parts that you need to replace and even provide assistance if you want to repair your board yourself. Don’t worry E-Glide boards are very simple and easy to maintain.


  • Durable aluminum deck with a “drop deck”
  • Smooth off road ride
  • Awesome customer service


  • Wired remote
  • Very heavy
  • It’s expensive

FiiK Big Daddy

fiik big daddy off road skateboard

FiiK has been motorizing boards for over a decade, and has always been dedicated to blending the best technologies into uncompromising design. That also the case with the Big Daddy electric skateboard. People behind this awesome skateboard have only had one thought while building it: “Bigger is better”. This heavy-duty monster of an e-board is designed to travel treacherous terrain without compromises. Massive trucks, huge knobby tubeless tires and long wheelbase with more clearance turn any ground into your playground. Plow through any terrain from sand, dirt, grass, you name it.

There are two types of boards: the cheaper option with SLA battery and the more powerful, but also more expensive version with the exclusively designed Lithium-Polymer battery pack. This review refers to the LiPo version, because its off-road performance is at the very top of its range.

Big 800W brushed motor with high torque paired with the high output battery gives you the power to grind the dirt. The three available speed settings give you progressive control as your skill advances. The top speed on flat ground is very good 22mph and the range with LiPo batteries is 10+ miles. It will provide an hour to an hour and a half of exciting ride, depending on how hard you are pushing the board. The initial charge will take about 10-15 hours, and to fully recharge you will need to plug in Big Daddy for 4-5 hours. On top of the board you have red and green LED indicators of how much power you have left.

The breaks are super powerful and come to a skidding stop. ABS will prevent the wheels from locking and regenerative technology helps increase ride-time. The board also comes with headlights and taillights, and it even has lights in the remote.


  • Every little part on this skateboard is designed for the off road.
  • You can ride in the dark thanks to the LED headlight, taillight and lights in the remote.


  • The remote doesn’t have low battery indicator, so make sure you always carry a spare 9V battery.
  • Even the LiPo batteries need to recharge for more than 4 hours.


onewheel electric self balancing board

Is it a hoverboard? A skateboard? Self-balancing scooter? I have no idea, but I just had to put the Onewheel to this list for its off road capabilities. This board with the giant go-kart tire in the middle is so unique in design that it is a category on its own. You don’t need the remote to operate it, it is controlled by your own body, as the board self-balances thanks to the onboard motion sensors and gyroscopic stabilization. If you lean forward it will accelerate; more pressure, more speed; lean backwards to slow down. There is no way to explain in words how to ride this board, especially if you didn’t have any experience with the board sports like snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding etc. You learn by riding it (and falling, in my case, a lot). But once you’ve mastered it is incredibly fun to ride, and it will go pretty much wherever you want it to go. If you can stay on J It will power up hills and handle any terrain, and you’ll really feel like you’re flying or “hovering”. Due to design the maximum hill grade that this board can climb is 20%, but the ride is unbelievably smooth over any terrain: dirt, sand, gravel, snow, super bumpy roads… The tire is sleek, but surprisingly it won’t slip even in the rain.

The new version Onewheel +, is upgraded on many aspects compared to the original model. The motor is faster, the battery is more powerful and the ride is even more stable and smooth. Maximum speed you can reach on this device is 19mph. The big advantage over any other skateboard is the turning. With some practice you can turn 180° on a dime.


  • Long Lasting battery that fully charges really quickly (under 30 minutes) with the ultracharger.
  • The Onewheel weighs about 25 lbs, which is heavy, but lightweight compared to the other off-road skateboards
  • It is very versatile – equally good for both the on-road and the off-road ride.
  • Dedicated iPhone and Android app
  • Regenerative braking
  • Waterproof


  • It’s not a question of if you are going to fall off of it, but when you are going to fall off of it. Wear safety equipment!
  • The price is a bit higher.

Extreme Off Road Option – BajaBoard

bajaboard extreme offroad skateboard

If I had to describe BajaBoard with just one word it would be: Beast! Designed and developed in Australia, it’s described by its creators as “a mashup between a Formula One car, a mountain bike and a snowboard”. BajaBoard smokes the competition with the top speed of just over 30 mph. The Lithium battery pack powers FOUR motors, one on each wheel with the total power of 12kW. Wow, that’s some serious power! Four independent shock absorbers provide the rider with stability on each of the all-terrain wheels. The suspension system is actually designed to handle jumps. BajaBoard offers outstanding stability, handling and traction like nothing else currently available. It also offers dual throttle control allowing you to power front and rear wheels separately. You can climb any hill, tame any trail without fear of wobbling out of control. I’m speechless, so here’s the video:

Wireless vs wired remote control

With all the stories of board losing connection with the remote and even some allegations that your electric skateboard can get hacked and toss you off, some people started to  wonder whether the remote control for the electric skateboard is secure enough. Just like any wireless connection, the Bluetooth connection of handheld remote and the board can be, in some cases, interfered by the bluetooth traffic from devices around. If that happens you will take a fall. However, all the major brands have upgraded their firmware and improved the security of the boards so this is highly unlikely to happen. As for the connectivity issues it has much to do with the actual quality of the board. Cheap board with low quality Chinese electronics have higher chance of causing trouble and there is often no customer service that will resolve the issue, fix it or send the replacement.

There is also an option to use wired remote control. Most of the companies have stopped making models with wired remotes a while ago and now are working towards making the wireless connection as reliable and secure as possible. The company that still chooses wired over wireless is e Glide. Their skateboards are controlled by cable connected control gun which supposedly provides precise throttle control, absolutely no interference, and most reliable electronics ever utilized on an electric skateboard. From my perspective wireless remote has many advantages over wired ones.

Can you use off road electric board for commuting?

The off road skateboard would do just fine on any street or sidewalk, and the range and speed match those more popular “on road” e-skateboards. But considering the convenience, off road boards may not be the best solution for your daily commute. They can be significantly heavier and bulkier than Boosted Board and company, so you really can’t carry them around in your backpack. If you have a short commute and you do not need to take public transport, than you can enjoy much smoother ride over cracks, gravel and potholes, provided you have where to “park” your board. However, they are a lousy last mile solution: off road motorized skateboards are not commuter-friendly transport option you can slide under the bus seat

Is e-moutainboarding dangerous?

Depending on what you consider “dangerous”. If you judge by all the videos on YouTube of people falling and crashing to death metal music, it looks quite extreme. But falling is just one tiny part of the exciting off road skating story. Almost all of us has fallen off the bike at some point, and it hadn’t stopped us from riding. Within all sports there are injuries associated: football, baseball, hockey… It all comes down to what level of risk you are prepared to expose yourself to and what steps you want to take to minimize that risk. One way to prevent injuries is wearing proper safety equipment. And also, trying to avoid hurting yourself by riding responsibly and calculating the risk you are willing to take.

Bottom line: E-mountainboarding is as safe as you want it to be, and as dangerous as you make it.