jmillerHi, my name is Jacob Miller, welcome to my blog. This website is a product of my fascination with electric skateboards, and my goal is to gather as much information about this wonderful personal transportation device as I can at one place.

Here you will find everything, from reviews and news about new releases, guides, best skateboarding equipment suggestions, DIY builds and exciting news about the world of e-boards. So, take a moment to browse through this pages, I hope you will find something that will be of interest.

For my next project I plan to try and build an electric skateboard on my own, so if you are into DIY builds, stay tuned. In the meantime, I will present with all the interesting information I come across during my research.

Ok, if you love electric skateboards, or you find discovering new ways of moving people around interesting, get in touch, I would like to chat and exchange opinions.

See you soon!